M- Love is a Beautiful Word 8-3-2008

I got to say Minwoo has been singing LOVE Songs for sometime like The Sentimental  Reason  All these songs so slow & fill with love U can feel the LOVE that he needs,… Continue reading

My 1st Lov WILL by Mika Nakashima

The 1st time that I heard this song. I have fallen for it. For some season, this song english lyrics can never be found in the internet. I try & try to find the meaning… Continue reading

LOV THE LYRICS “Amazing Grace”

 RAY OF HOPE The Lyrics is so meaningful. I can’t get my mind out of it. I tried to sing with my own style & it works perfectly. So guys tried it yourself. Sing… Continue reading


Look those eyes~ Minwoo has this magnetic eyes draw every lady in the world to fall in LOVE with him.  I can take it STOP  that Minwoo. OHh… Why is he so handsome? I… Continue reading

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