TVXQ U-Know and Suju Hee Chu are Lovers like Gay? Wonder Girls Copycat Jewelry’s Idea! DBSK arrives in LA, California Gummy BURN OUT! SM & YG venture into musicals BIG BANG NEW Song:… Continue reading

MBC vs. SM Caused Kangin & Suju to be BAN!

A time-slot dispute occurred between SM Entertainment and MBC when SM insisted to have Kang-In stay on SBS’s Explorers of the Human Body instead of MBC’s Sunday Night Dong-An Club (동안클럽) where Kang-In… Continue reading

BIG BAND DOING GLOBAL Warming in Japan!?

Can you believe?! Big Band is actually doing something good to the Environment. It’s so disbelieving. They are supposed to be the Bad Boy, and now they doing charity so not Big Band… Continue reading

SS501, Yamashita Tomohisa Raped by Korean Fans

Japanese pretty boy Yamashita Tomohisa of boy band SS501 NewS was nearly raped by Korean fans at Kimpo Airport on the 5th. Yamashita Tomohisa was stormed by the crazy little Korean fan girls… Continue reading

Shinhwa Kim Dong Wan Rushed to ER during 2nd album!

Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan was rushed to the ER on the 11th due to a tummy ache. Kim Dong Wan was recording for his 2nd album in Kang Nam, Seoul, when he… Continue reading

DBSK KPOP going Hollywood Bowl 2008 in America!

All you Cassiopeian’s in America now have the opportunity to watch DBSK live. DBSK is heading to Hollywood Bowl 2008. It will be held May 17th, 2008 in Hollywood, California. Other confirmed artists… Continue reading

Super Junior ELF Protest with Weapons Against Henry, SM!

In late 2007, when producer Lee Soo Man announced that he would be adding a new member (Henry) to Super Junior, fans were outraged. Many fan club members, better known as ELF (EverLasting… Continue reading

Super Junior says bye to MNet Mcountdown

ELF’s across the globe are mourning. No, not because the threat of a new member joining Super Junior. But because Super Junior will no longer be the MC’s of MNET MCountdown. After more… Continue reading

TVXQ Serenades 8,000 Females at Universal Studios

TVXQ (DBSK, Tohoshinki) held a mini concert at Universal Studios Japan in front of 8,000 female fans on the 28th. As the Cultural Ambassadors of Asia, TVXQ serenaded their female fans with a… Continue reading

BoA goes Silver with Ramee

Workaholic Kwon BoA has found another way to make even more money. The 21 year old has already successfully crossed borders as a singer/song writer/dancer, has been a (commercial) model, cultural ambassador, and… Continue reading