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Asian Entertainment Gossip:Misia Tour Asia! Kelly Lost Baggage! Amuro Perform Avex! KPOP Undergoing Slump! Wu Zun “Oh Yeah 1night Stand” Jay Chou a Gambler? F4 Japan Concert Vannness Wu New Album+DVD

Singer Misia to tour Asia Kelly Chen arrives but her baggage doesn’t Amuro Namie to Perform for Avex Shareholders K-Pop Industry Undergoing Slump Star TV in the Philippines Interview with Lollipop… 獅城秀身材-曹格扒衣肌高潮 驗收尖叫聲!… Continue reading

Asian Entertainment Gossip: Rain Screw Up! Suju Make Musical! HEE CHUL MAY SUICIDE! SHINEE ARE GIRLS BAND! TVXQ HELP EARTHQUAKE Victims! Super Junior Concert in Bangkok!

CNN Talks about KPOP’s Fans Madness! Rain YOU SCREW UP! 10 Questions Can’t Answer all?!… Super Junior members set to make move into Musical… Mr. A from Korean Idol Group Attempted Suicide Super… Continue reading

TAIWAN Artists Help China’s Sichuan Earthquake reported by娱乐百分百”把愛傳出去”

20080520 娛樂百分百 LIVE part 1 爱无国界,人人有爱,义不容辞,把爱传递四川 有钱出钱有力出力 艺人赈灾隔海送暖 演艺界(台湾) 四川赈灾 S.H.E,飞轮海为四川灾民录制歌曲:“比较美好的世界”,兼任赈灾筹款节目接线生。 近百台灣藝人參與大型賑災晚會,為四川災民籌逾2.2億台幣。2008年5月18日 Artists involved: S.H.E Selina Hebe Ella 飛輪海 Fahrenheit 汪東城 辰亦儒 炎亞綸 吳尊 王力宏 周杰倫 jay 陶喆 徐若瑄 蔡依林 吳建豪 Useful Information… Continue reading