Ayumi Hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2007-2008 Anniversary” LIVE DVD

Announced on Ayu’s official site was her COUNTDOWN LIVE 2007-2008 Anniversary DVD is scheduled to release this 18th June! Details and preorder links as below:

ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2007-2008 Anniversary
DVD: AVBD-91558
Release Date: 06.18.2008
Price: ¥4,800


00. starting over
01. talkin’ 2 myself
02. STEP you
03. Ladies Night
04. fated
05. Together When…
06. decision
08. Bold & Delicious
10. evolution
11. Boys & Girls
12. glitter
13. untitled ~for her~
14. Sotsugyou syashin
15. +
16. Humming 7/4
17. MY ALL

Tenth anniversary countdown live DVD release from Ayumi Hamasaki includes footage of her New Year’s 2007-2008 performance at the National Yoyogi Kyogiba Daiichi Taiikukan. Performing in front of nearly 12,000 fans, Ayumi sings for the first time tracks like “Sotsugyo Shashin (Graduation Photograph),” “Together When . . .” and “untitled -for her-” off of Ayumi’s latest “GUILTY” album on the way to her final track “RAINBOW” and this year’s glorious countdown. This year’s concert an oustanding set with the main stage and three additional special stages as well as six different costume changes. In addition to the main performance, DVD also includes making-of footage and more..