KPOP’s Sexiest Females

While Korea’s male heartthrobs seem to be the ones hitting it big in Asia, their female counterparts certainly deserve all the same attention. With K-Pop seeming to attract fans the world over, Korea’s singing beauties couldn’t be that far behind.

Who’s on your sexiest list? Here’s ours:

Lee Hyolee or (Hyori) is widely recognized as Korean music’s sex symbol and is the highest-paid female singer in the country. Apart from her recordings, Hyori has done numerous modelling stints, most recently being the first Asia-wide model for Calvin Klein Jeans. With a perpetually young-looking face and a perfect S-line contour, the 28-year old seems poised to hold the title for the next few years.

Ivy is an extremely cute 25-year old artist with a sultry singing voice, lending itself well to hushed dance songs and sexy rhythms. Her early steamy music videos established her as one of the country’s most attractive musicians. She recently placed in the Top 10 poll of Korea’s Sexiest Stars by Movie Week magazine.

Chae Yeon who originally debuted in Japan on January 1, 2001 as part of a group called Brand New Biscuits has been climbing up the ranks in Korea ever since her Debut late in 2003. She was viewed as just another “sexy concept” singer at first, but has since been able to increase and maintain her popularity as well as image as one of Korea’s sexiest stars. After all, with a body like hers, how could she not be considered sexy?

Eugene is another gorgeous singer and actress, originally a part of the successful K-Pop group S.E.S. Although vocally weaker than her counterparts, her superior looks kept her on as the face of the girl band, used extensively in their marketing and advertising efforts. After the group’s break-up, she shed her girl-next-door image and took on a successful solo singing career as a one of Korea’s sexiest performers.

Other notables on our list include Sol Bi from girl group Typhoon, whose cute face and well-endowed curves are a definite stunner. There’s also the Wonder Girls’ new member, 19-year old Kim Yoo Bin, seemingly destined to make men stand up and pay attention. Former Baby Vox waif Lee Hee-Jin recently gained some meat and released a photo book of sexy shots, definitely getting her on our top list if she ever decides to record again.

It’s an easy task finding sexy singers in Korea, especially with beauty-filled girl groups taking a large chunk of radio and TV airtime this year. Instead, it’s a mountainous undertaking to choose your favorites. While K-Pop’s hunky stars may be the ones getting noticed today, it’s only a matter of time before these girls take their figures to the rest of Asia’s magazine covers.