Super Junior Fans are Pissed

Lee Soo Man has officially pissed off Super Junior fans. How? By going forth with the debut of Super Junior-M(andarin), a 7 member sub-group of the original 13-member Super Junior, for the Chinese market.

Super Junior-M consists of original members Han Kyung, Shi Won, Dong Hae, Ryuh Wook, Kyu Hyun and two new Chinese members Henry and Zhoumi. All seven members will be performing and recording their album in Chinese.

The original five members of Super Junior (who are now in Super Junior-M) might be happy that they’re finally getting some attention, but the fans are far from happy. Fans demand the original 13 members (Hee Chul, Kang In, Ki Bum, Shi Won, Dong Hae, Han Kyung, Ryuh Wook, Shin Dong, Yeh Sung, Kyu Hyun, Lee Teuk, Sung Min, and Eun Hyuk) to remain as the one and only Super Junior. They expressed their anger on Suju’s fan club homepage. The fans also threatened that if Super Junior-M does not break up now, the fans will make it their priority to cause harm by boycotting the group’s album and products.