Kim Dong Wan & Jade Valerie duet “You Dont Know Me”

Release Date: 2008/4/22
Record Label: SonyBMG
Genre: Dance-Pop
Distribution :SONYBMG
Release Date: 2008-4-22■ Track List
01 ) Turned Up
02 ) Just Another Day
03 ) Uh Lala
04 ) You Don’t Know Me
05 ) Crush
06 ) Show Me
07 ) Razoman
08 ) Like A Bird (new Version)
09 ) Empty Pages
10 ) Lucky Lady
11 ) We Can Run
12 ) Undone
13 ) Stuck
14 ) The Last

15 ) You Don’t Know Me (bonus Track- Duet With Kim Dong Wan)

GEO who was the sound producer of Sweetbox work out with Valerie and they written a sweet fast pop sound track! Continues after duet with BaekJiYoung in song “Crush” which had hit into variety of music chart, now she is back with a duet track “You Don’t Know Me” with Kim DongWan.This duet song “You Dont Know Me” will be reveal before the album release. 

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan sang an English song called “You Don’t Know Me” with Jade Valerie Villalon, who before going solo was the vocalist of the group Sweet Box.

This duet song, with evident electronic sounds in it, is included in Jade Valerie’s first solo album called “Out of the Box” as a bonus track in the Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Asian release of the album. According to Sony BMG, the distributor of Jade Valerie’s solo album, it is discussing with Kim Dongwan’s label on the possibility of recording a Korean version of the song, which Kim Dongwan had requested.