First of all I had to aplogize for the last minute News of “BIG BAND CONCERT IN BANGKOK”

Kind of busy~ I mean busy like a Bee because of the Earthquake in China, Sichuan. Trying my best to help them. Hope that you guys understand. they are really in BAD SHAPE. Luckily, my friend is all right but not his relative. If you don’t mind please do some Donation, like food, water, or other needed things or even volunteer work because I’m too far from China, so I decided to do Donation on Blog or internet banking. If you are around that area. Please Do Help. THANK U For Everything. Even TVXQ, DBSG, Super Juniors, TAIWAN Artists and Hong Kong Artists are doing what they can to help.

It doesn’t matter where you,
which race you are,
which nation you belong to,
Just Remember: “As long as you have the Heart and Soul to help that what really matter.”

Now BIG BAND CONCERT IN BANGKOK on June,7 at Bangkok Convention Center in Central World. The ticket is about 500-2000 Baht 

More detail you can go to this website