BIG BAND DOING GLOBAL Warming in Japan!?

Big band

Can you believe?! Big Band is actually doing something good to the Environment. It’s so disbelieving. They are supposed to be the Bad Boy, and now they doing charity so not Big Band Style. OMG! What are they thinking? This is so not cool. I mean I know that they are trying to change their image but please don’t change their style. It’s way out of their reach. I LOV BIG BAND A LOT. Espeacially their Musics, it’s so stylish and daring. Just to show you I LOV THEM, here are the MVs.  

PT: Just to show that I CARE for the Envrionment. I walk about 3 Bus Stop distance. DO NOT WASTE WATER! Turn off the tape while bushing your teeth. SAVE EARTH, SAVE YOUR LIFE! GLOBAL Warming is here to stay!