Super Junior ELF Protest with Weapons Against Henry, SM!

In late 2007, when producer Lee Soo Man announced that he would be adding a new member (Henry) to Super Junior, fans were outraged. Many fan club members, better known as ELF (EverLasting Friends), rallied outside of the SM Entertainment head quarters and demanded that their favorite 13 member boy band remain the same.

Now in 2008, Lee Soo Man ignored what had happened and announced that he will be adding a Chinese member to Super Junior sometime soon. Again, fans were outraged and had another strike. But this time, the Elves got smart and used a big weapon.

“To support Super Junior and protest against SM Entertainment, we have decided to put our money together and buy SM stocks. We have legal representation of them now since we are company stockholders,” a statement release from the fans. “Our protest is against SM Entertainment adding new members at their call. Even with our small possibility, even with one stock, we are working towards obtaining a seat. As of today, we have 58,206 shares.” To magnify the numbers even more, superstar Kwon BoA owns less than double of that (100,000 shares)! Out of the 160 million shares that have been released, the fans now own 0.3%.

Super Junior fans have started a campaign called One Fan One Stock for international fans as well. All the blame goes towards Chou Than, the new member that SM Entertainment added without ‘consent’ from the Elves.

PT: Does this mean that suju repitation is going downward & that why they are adding this new member Chou Than or Is it that SM just wanted more $$ to come out of suju.