SS501, Yamashita Tomohisa Raped by Korean Fans

Japanese pretty boy Yamashita Tomohisa of boy band SS501 NewS was nearly raped by Korean fans at Kimpo Airport on the 5th.

Yamashita Tomohisa was stormed by the crazy little Korean fan girls who grabbed and groped at the top star, tearing away his clothes. The fans also hit the star on his head with presents they were trying to throw at him.

Although the entire situation was extremely dangerous, Yamashita Tomohisa stayed calm, waved at the fans and even helped pick up fans who had fallen down. As soon as he had made it thru the gate however, Tomohisa’s legs gave out and he had collapsed for a little bit. Yamashita Tomohisa remained cool and calm, but his accompanying friends were extremely angered by the behavior of these Korean fans. They left cursing the fans, “these crazed Korean fans, are making Korea look extremely bad.”

Yamashita Tomohisa is definitely a cool guy, how can anyone be nice to those rabid bitches? Tomohisa definitely needs better body guards next time, along with some mace, a billy club and a rabies vaccination.