Shinhwa Kim Dong Wan Rushed to ER during 2nd album!

Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan was rushed to the ER on the 11th due to a tummy ache.
Kim Dong Wan was recording for his 2nd album in Kang Nam, Seoul, when he suddenly had extreme stomach pains. Upon arriving at the hospital and being examined, the doctors determined it was acute gastroenteritis, a stomach infection which is actually a bit more serious than a tummy ache.

It is unknown whether or not Kim Dong Wan will still debut on the 24th with his 2nd album.
Acute gastroenteritis will usually cause acute diarrhea, which is not a very pleasant thought. Dong Wan will be spending the next 3-4 days pissing out of his ass, while receiving treatment. Following the treatment, Dong Wan should be back to health in no time, however his scheduled debut plans may end up down the drain along with his Hershey squirts.