BoA goes Silver with Ramee

Workaholic Kwon BoA has found another way to make even more money. The 21 year old has already successfully crossed borders as a singer/song writer/dancer, has been a (commercial) model, cultural ambassador, and even owns company shares. One can imagine just how large her fortune has become since the start of her career at the tender age of 13. Now, she hopes to add entrepreneur to her title as she releases her new line of jewelry, which she helped design.

BoA’s brother Kwon Soon Wook, will be releasing the special edition jewelry line under Ramee. Ramee by BoA will be released on April 1st and will feature 20 of BoA’s self-designed accessories. All accessories (from My Name, Girls On Top, and AnyBand) will be sold at the Lotte young Plaza in MyungDong, Seoul. If you’ve got a thing for silver, this is the collection for you. Soon Wook said, “My sister has always said that she wants to study design at art school. She has such high interests in fashion, she even checks to see what brands sell better in Melrose (L.A.) and Japan; or why Dior sells better in Japan than in France.”

BoA is everywhere and she is wanted more than ever, especially since the rise in sales of HITE beer, in which she’s become the new face for. In many cases, the poster of her holding a glass of HITE beer has become more popular than the drink itself. There have been reports of stealing the BoA posters from bars and stores because of its high demand. The company is now selling cloth-made posters (wall-friendly) with her signature. “I feel good knowing that I can do more to help in projects. I feel even better knowing that it’s succeeding, I hope I will get the same amount of support this time around.”