Big Bang HIT Oricon Chart! 14TH Place!

Big band

In January, Big Bang released a mini-album called “For the World,” in Japan. In the same month, the boy band ranked 14th in the World Music section of Japan’s Oricon charts. In the third week of January, the group ranked 13th on the charts, and soon after, achieved the rank of 10th place.

The R&B group isn’t doing any particular promotions. Instead, they’re appearing on several different Japanese broadcast networks and par-taking in interviews. Despite their lack of “Big Bang” in promoting, the group is quickly grabbing the attention of Japanese fans.

A spokesperson for YG Entertainment said that the label was shocked at all the love the group was receiving – especially being ranked on the Oricon charts. However, the label is ecstatic and confident that the group will maintain the success and will do well in Japan.

Of course Big Bang’s label is in shock, the album is a total and utter disgrace, they might as well rename the album “For the Trash,” a place that it can call home.

*Big Bang – [How Gee] MV (English sub) *