Big Bang Will Knock on Japan

]Big band

The hip-hop sensation Big Bang will join the rush of Korean celebrities making entertainment headlines in Japan.

According to their agency, YG Entertainment, the five-member boy band will release a mini album, also known as an EP (extended play) “For the World” in Japan Jan.4 and will also hold a concert “Big Bang: For the World” at the JCB Hall at Tokyo Dome city in March 28 and 29. A mini album or EP is an album that has more than one song but too few to qualify as an album and usually contains 10-30 minutes of music (or up to seven songs), compared to singles (one to two songs) and regular albums (ten to eleven songs). This particular mini album will only be released in Japan and will contain hit songs such as “Lie.”

Big Bang became one of Korea’s favorite hip-hop bands with their easy-to-memorize melodies, lyrics and fashion styles. They won numerous awards last year for their music and are expected to create a new Korean style hip-hop trend in Japan.

Here is clip for the BIG BAND’S FAN 

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