SuJu’s Perverted Show Canceled Because of RUMORS!

SuJuSuper Junior’s perverted comedic show, SuJu Explores the Human Body, has been put to an end. SBS and EHB claims that because of the ever-busy boy bands’ schedule, both parties have decided to leave the show. Super Junior will now have more time to prepare for their upcoming tour.

In order to replace EHB’s time slot, they have decided to fill it in with Lee Hyori’s pilot of “Change”.

PI:  I just watched the episode with DBSK as guest!
it was funny. I think there must be viewers complaining it was too intimate at the episode #12 that why they canceled it. But to think of it, I think they are not opened enough to accept the fact it is an Education to reach human limit progamme. I kind of like it because of the every chanllenage they make to show how individual human reaction to it.

DBSG in Explore Human Body 1/4 [ENG SUB]

There is another rumors said that the rating was dropping and SUJU were not getting enough pay and because of the EHB’s episode #12 destroying SUJU’s image, so SM had decided to stop it.

Some rumors said they are going for Tour that why the EHB as canceled. It’s ok to leave the show and prepare the tour

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