Rain Wasn’t Treated Very Well In Hollywood


Hollywood still discriminates Asian stars. Rain’s compensation in his new movie Ninja Assassin was only half of the amount of a new American cast.

According to news from Newsen on March 13, the management company J.Tune of Rain said that although he played the main role in Ninja Assassin, his pay rate was only $500,000. However, he would be like other Hollywood stars in such way that after the movie was shown all over the world, he would receive his share of profit.

The article also emphasized that the pay rate of Rain was only half of other new casts who received up to 1 million dollars for each main character that they played in any movies.

With his famous in Asia, $500,000 was not a big money but Rain himself could lean on the number of audiences that would come to the theater because of his name, especially in many areas in Asia.

Besides, J. Tune also had announced on March 13 that Nikon’s camera had just renewed 1 year contract with Rain; the net worth of the contract was up to 1 billion and 155 millions won. The new set of advertising will be filmed in Cambodia.

On March 7, Rain took a plane to Berlin to prepare for the filming of Ninja Assassin. When the first Hollywood movie Speed Racer is shown in Korea, he will be back for the movie’s advertising activities.