~Japanese Music scene-leading Samurais take on the world~
Since 1996, BENTEN Tokyo & SXSW Asia Rep have held an yearly showcase called JAPAN NITE US TOUR including SXSW appearance and has introduced countless Japanese Artists to the world. 2007 will mark its 11 year anniversary. The performer’s brilliant musical performances, unique character and variety of style has won the acclaim of many, and Japan Nite evolved each year to become one of the most popular showcases in SXSW. The event has featured over 60 bands, including the likes of LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, ORIGINAL LOVE, HUSKKING BEE, THE MAD CAPSUIL MARKET’S, Lolita No.18, Number Girl, Petty Booka. TsuShiMaMire, PE’Z, Stance Punks and ELLEGARDEN. Go!Go! 7188, HY,The 50 KAITENZ, ASAKUSA JINTA, PISTOL VALVE, THE EMERALDS, ORESKA BAND.

*Japan Nite US tour 2008 from 3/16 to 3/23*
with: Petty Booka/The Emeralds/detroit7 ketchup mania/THE BEACHES /SCANDAL

March 16th (Sun) NEW YORK @Knitting Factory
March 17th (Mon) BOSTON @ TT The Bears
March 18th (Tue) CHICAGO @ Empty Bottle
March 19th (Wed) DENVER @ TBA
March 20th (Thu) SEATTLE @ Hi Dive
( *ketchup mania is not performing in Seattle)
March 21st (Fri) SF @ TBA @ Independent
March 23rd (Sun) LA @ Knitting Factory

tour and artist detail here

Of course we have a show case at SXSW 2008 again.
The line is different, we have more new bands this year like
Quarts-head , an improvised-electro Jazz and Avengers in sci-fi,
cosmic guitar rock trio and new all girl trip Sodopp.

*SXSW 2008 ~ Japan Nite *
with: Petty Booka/Ketchup mania/detroit7/
sodopp/avengers in sci-fi/quartz-head 02

Date: March 14th (Friday) Start: 8 pm
705 Red River Austin TX 78705
Please see detail here.

A variety of Japanese culture has been catching attention worldwide, from movies, fashion and art to Anime and Manga. The performers of JAPAN NITE US TOUR are extremely unique and talented young musicians, all rapidly gaining interest in the Japanese music scene. I assure that this lineup is the best one ever. Please come to the shows in your town. Thank you very much for your support!
Arigto so much!