Shinhwa vs. Tohoshinki CONCERTS! HEAT UP!


What do these two vocally talented and good looking groups, SHINWA and TOHOSHIKI, have in common besides a large fan base and (was once) being produced by SM Entertainment? Both big time groups are performing at famous stadiums in Japan, the largest being Budokan, where all the big ballers perform.

Tohoshinki’s tour (beginning on May 5, 2008) has already made quite a stir because of their supposed ‘one second’ 40,000 ticket sell out. On the other hand veterans Kim Dong Wan and Eric will perform in Japan with their band mates from Shinhwa prior to heading off for their mandatory military service. Shinhwa will hold concerts for two days (April 18 and 19) in Japan – the two have promised to give their Japanese fans the best performance of their careers.