2008 BIGBANG Concert Tour from: April-June (Nationwide Korea Tour)


BigBang, after spending their most successful year of 2007 with “Lie” and “Last Farewell,”
is excited to open another concert tour in year 2008.

Already renounced as great musicians after their 10 Live Concerts within just two years after their debut,
this is their second concert tour, following the tour in 2007.

Be prepared to enjoy their improved live and performances^^

● Concert Schedule
[Busan] 2008/4/12 (Sat) 6 pm – Busan BEXCO
[KwangJu] 2008/4/27 (Sun) 6pm – KwangJu Kimdaejung Convention Center
[WonJu] 2008/5/11 (Sun) 6 pm – WonJu Chiak Gymnasium
[DaeGu] 2008/5/24 (Sat) 6pm – Daegu EXCO
[Seoul] 2008/6/21&22 (Sat/Sun) 6pm/4pm – Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium
● Price: 55,000 Won (VAT included)● Sponsor: YG Entertainment

● Ticket Open:
[Busan]2008/3/8 8pm
[KwangJu]2008/3/9 8pm
[WonJu]2008/3/15 8pm
[DaeGu]2008/3/16 8pm
[Seoul]2008/3/23 8pm

● Ticket available at
Interpark ( http://www.interpark.com/) 1544-1555
Auction Ticket( http://www.auction.co.kr/) 1566-1369